Technical Specifications

While the majority of engineering work is based on logically proven laws and mathematically expressed equations, being able to translate the equation and all of its intent into a technically sound and grammatically correct sentence is not as easy as understanding the formula. Specification writing draws on many diverse topics, e.g., project management, engineering practice, law, civics, grammar, word usage, and even philosophy. MSCorp's cadre of Subject Matter Experts (SME) have considerable experience in writing a variety of technical sole source, competitive bid, performance, & design specifications for our US Navy (including the Navy Maintenance Database (NMD)) and non-military marine customers.

MSCorp is capable of supporting both commercial and military specification support:

Commercial Technical Specification Support

  •  Ship Checks for Detailed Drawing Development
  •  Technical Manuals:
    •  Vessel Operation Manuals
    •  Personnel Training Manuals
    •  Vendor Manual Organization
  •  Shipyard Work Specifications
  •  Technical Reviews (Mechanical & Electrical)
  •  Regulatory Reviews
  •  Contract Bid Document Development
  •  Contract Bid Reviews
  •  Equipment Market Surveys
  •  USCG Marine Safety Center Submittals and Correspondence
  •  Class Society Submittals and Correspondence
  •  Communications Liaison among Owners / Operators / Vendors

 Military Specification Support
  •  Ship-check of Customer requested Shipboard repair work and authorized Ship-Alterations Class F budgetary estimates ± 40 percent
  •  Development of 2-Kilos in support of CNO / TYCOM scheduled and emergent availabilities. Use of RMAIS and migration to future VSB Program
  •  Work Item development in NMD Work Specification Program: IAW Appendix 4-E Volume VII, Chapter 4, Joint Fleet Maintenance Manual (JFMM) Including  Government Estimates Should Cost “Class C” Trade Man Day and Material Estimates.
  •  Material Sourcing for Contractor Furnished Material (CFM) and Government Furnished Material (GFM) / Long Lead Time Materials (LLTM)
  •  Work Specification Reviews / Customer changes additions / deletions
  •  Contractual Support in Solicitation Phase. Bidders Questions / Compact Disk (CDs) Including Work Items and Referenced Materials Errata’s Addendums to Original Package
  •  Assistance to Government Execution / Contractual Teams & Customer throughout execution phase of Contract