MSCorp Staff

MSCorp's employees are our most important asset. We are continually striving to meet and exceed customer expectations. To provide our clients with the highest level of professionalism and technical expertise, our staff consists of a diverse group of employees including Engineers, Technicians, Program & Project Managers, and Administrators. Numerous personnel previously served in the military, were employed by the US Government, worked in shipyards, were employed by maritime transportation agencies, or worked in other related private sector companies. Some employees hold advanced degrees, certifications and licenses in Engineering, Business Administration, and Law. This full range of expertise allows MSCorp to provide complete program or project support of almost any scale.

Our staff is well versed and experienced in Naval Engineering & Design, Planning & Estimating, Scheduling, Data Analysis, Material Support, Quality Assurance, Integrated Logistics, Training Support, and Computer Aided Design (CAD), Program & Project Management which enables them to solve almost any problem. As needed, our fulltime staff is supplemented by expert consultants whose in depth knowledge allows the company to meet the need for increased personnel on large government, military, public and private projects.

For specific questions, please contact Cynthia Tirrell-Norton.