On-Site Representation

MSCorp has provided on-site representation for numerous customers all over the United States, including the US Gulf Coast and the East Coast. Our staff is familiar with all phases of shipbuilding. When on-site, we are the "eyes and ears" for our customers. In a typical on-site representation scenario, we ensure that all pertinent rules and regulations are not only being followed but that they are being adhered to. We verify that all deliverables are being built in accordance with their specification, and that the product will meet the customer’s expectations. To ensure the highest level of quality, we verify that components and parts have been tested and will not accept a product until it passes all tests. We are in almost daily communication with the customer, and communicate everything so they will stay informed on the status of the deliverable.

    MSCorp is capable of providing support for both commercial and government on-site representation:

Commercial On-Site Representation Support

  •  Daily Job Log & Updates to Owner
  •  Daily Environmental Log (coating conditions)
  •  Communications Liaison among Owners / Shipyard / Naval Architects / Vendors / Regulatory Bodies
  •  Inspection Schedule Coordination with Shipyard and Regulators
  •  QA Inspection of:
    •  Equipment Installations;
    •  Welding; Coating Prep and Application;
    •  Tank and Piping Cleaning & Testing;
    •  Gas Freeing;
    •  Electrical Installations;
    •  Hazmat
  •  QA of vendor and shipyard material deliveries and document organization
  •  Job Progress and Cost Tracking
  •  Photographic record
  •  Document collection, indexing, filing
  •  Owner Furnished Equipment Tracking/Customs Clearing / Shipper Communications
  •  Change Order / Condition Report Processing
  •  Drawing Submittal Tracking
  •  As-Built Drawing Tracking
  •  Delivery Prep and Arrangements
  •  Officer & Crew Coordination

Government On-Site Representation Support

  •  Attend meetings conducted by the Unit that pertain to craft / vessel scheduling, maintenance, configuration and emergent repairs
  •  Attend the daily program production status meetings (e.g., Service Life Extension Plan, (SLEP)) and assist the intermediate maintenance activity command  (e.g., SWRMC for the Pacific Fleet) and the Selected Contractor
  •  Draft Liaison Action Reports (LARs) against Drawings to identify and correct discrepancies in support of availabilities
  •  Monitor and report craft configuration changes that are made by both the Unit and contractor personnel to the Configuration Data Manager (CDM)
  •  INSURV preparation inspection team for craft delivered back to the Unit following major overhauls (e.g., SLEP). Specializations include:
    •  Hull,
    •  Mechanical,
    •  Damage Control, and
    •  Craft Pre-Mission Check Lists.
  •  Monitor and report all of the Craft Corrosion Control Inspections
  •  Manage the Weight and Stability program along with calculating the Weight and Center of Gravity for each craft
  •  Provide Technical direction in all areas of Hull and Mechanical issues to Unit
  •  Pre-Overhaul Test and Inspection (POT&I)
  •  Direct support to the Advanced Planning Yard Manager to review, red line and updating of all Work Specification Items (Work Spec's) for contracted craft  availabilities.