Logistics Support

MSCorp has been providing logistical support to the US Navy and other customers for many years. Our logistical support encompasses the full spectrum of all of MSCorp's design, engineering, on-site representation, specification writing and operational capabilities.

MSCorp has supported the US Navy's Landing Craft, Air Cushion (LCAC) program for over 15 years. During this time, our staff has developed clever solutions and processes to solve complex problems. In particular, MSCorp has pioneered the use of "Craft Specific Tagging" in SGML. Technical manuals are coded into SGML using the Arbortext Epic Editor. The books are then converted into text-readable format using the US Navy Content@ server. The Content@ server publishes hyper-linked interactive pdf documents. This technology enables craft specific tagging to take place, which in turn allows for unique craft specific technical manuals to be developed. From the 30 system level master manuals - over 2,000 craft specific manuals will be created, updated, and maintained at the Navy's Library.

In addition to supporting LCAC, MSCorp offers the following logistics services:

Planning Yard Support

  •  Technical Manuals
    •  Equipment and System Level Technical Manual Maintenance & Development
    •  Paper-only Legacy Manual Conversion
    •  New Technical Manual development
    •  Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) website publishing, maintaining & updating
  •  Safe Engineering and Operations (SEAOPS)
  •  Craft Availability Planning / Scheduling
  •  Advance Planning
  •  Work Specification Development
  •  Craft Inspections
  •  Repair Package Development
  •  On-Site Representation

 Ship Selective Record Data (SSR)

  •  Ship Information Book (SIB)
  •  Propulsion Operating Guide (POG)
  •  Docking Plans
  •  Booklet of General Plans

 Material Support

  •  Alterations
  •  Repair


  •  Cost
  •  Shipyard
  •  Material Lead time

 Feasibility Studies for Life-Cycle Programs

 Service Life Extension Programs (SLEP)

 Navy Maintenance Database (NMD)

 Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Support