Engineering & Design Expertise

Marine Engineering and Design is one of MSCorp's core competencies. We have been doing it for over 40 years! MSCorp provides Program Management level support to all of our customers, including detail drawings & AutoCAD support, advance planning & on-site representation. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to the following HM&E Engineering & Design services:

Structural & Hull

  •  Engineering Studies
  •  Design Evolutions
  •  General Arrangements
  •  Structural Analysis and Design
  •  Naval Architecture
  •  Foundation Design
  •  Habitability Design
  •  Outfitting and Furnishings
  •  Weight & Moment Estimates
  •  Weight Handling Equipment
  •  Structural Inspection Plans
  •  Inclining Experiments and Stability Calculations
  •  Performance Testing of Anchor and Steering Systems
  •  Assembly Drawings

YRBM (Barge) Conversion Design

Mechanical & Marine Services

  •  Auxiliary Systems
  •  Engineering Studies and Calculations
  •  Fire Protection Systems
  •  Coolant Systems
  •  Processing/Clarification/Cleaning/Screening/Thickening Systems
  •  Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
  •  Complex Piping Systems Design and Analysis
  •  Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems
  •  Vacuum, Thermal and Pressure Sensing Systems
  •  Propulsion Systems
  •  Auxiliary Machinery Systems
  •  Piping Design, Test, and Inspection
  •  Pollution Control (CHT and Oily-waste)
  •  Fire Protection Systems
  •  FM 200 Fire Suppression System
  •  Engineering Studies and Calculations
  •  Bilge and Ballast Systems
  •  Fuel and JP-5 Systems
  •  Lubrication Oil Systems
  •  Low Pressure and High Pressure Air Systems
  •  Control Air Systems
  •  Electronics Dry Air Systems
  •  Chilled Water Systems
  •  Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems
  •  Weapons and Cargo Elevators
  •  Machinery Arrangements
  •  Potable Water Systems
  •  Plumbing Systems
  •  Main and Auxiliary Steam Systems
  •  Main Engine and Diesel Engine Exhaust Systems
  •  Ship’s Conceptual, Conversion, Habitability and Alteration Designs
  •  Coolant Systems

150 LB Auxiliary Steam

Diesel Generator

Electrical & Electronics Services

  •  Power Distribution – One Line Diagram
  •  Lighting Distribution Layouts
  •  Power Generating Systems Analysis and Design
  •  Switchboard Design
  •  Electrical Load Analysis
  •  Cable Routing and Support
  •  Electrical Equipment Arrangements
  •  Fiber Optics
  •  Cable Running Sheets
  •  Elementary and Block Wiring Diagrams
  •  Shore Power Design
  •  Load, Voltage Drop and Fault Current analysis
  •  Electronic Equipment Arrangements
  •  Radar System Installation Design
  •  Communication Installation Design
  •  Secure/Unsecure Computer Networks Design
  •  Sonar System Installation Design
  •  Navigation System Design
  •  Indication and Alarm Systems Design
  •  Elementary and Block Wiring Diagrams
  •  Cable Running Sheets
  •  Heat Loads

Main Switchboard

Communications Gear